On-Premise Telephony

On-Premise Telephony

Providing telephony to your business is a reputable service that Datel Solutions has offered for 25 years throughout the UK. Our highly-knowledgeable experts know exactly what products will give you the best experience and improve your communication more efficiently internally with colleagues and externally with customers.

At Datel Solutions, we recognise that you may need some support and advice regarding what telephony systems will best support the needs of your business. This is why our solutions-led approach will ensure you get exactly what you need, with a bit of added value wherever we can offer it. We have also been known to save businesses time and money, so if you want to discover what competitively priced products are available within the telephony market, we would be happy to present options for you.

We ensure we support every client regardless of what telephony system you use. You may be operating a legacy system that you’re comfortable with and don’t want to make profound changes to the technology, and we will not try to persuade you otherwise.

Alternatively, suppose you are open to the latest innovative technologies driving how we communicate over telephone. In that case, discovering how IP call servers can benefit your business is a conversation we would be delighted to have with you. An IP call server using SIP trunks which are modern day telephone lines may be the perfect fit for your business.

Our systems can help promote your corporate identity with your audiences where you can choose from on-hold music that reflects your culture and branding. We also work with some of the world’s global brands, such as iPECS so you can be reassured that the products we use are not only reputable and of the highest quality but have the best support infrastructure in place too.

Get in touch with us today for your free consultation on how we can help you get the best of your requirements for on-premise telephony.

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Connecting businesses for 25 years with exceptional service.
Datel Solutions have been operating since 1997, providing telephony and data solutions to SME’s throughout Scotland and Northern England.
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